Ruined Empires

A Path to Glory

“The Godking is not displeased with your actions and he confers upon you these gifts as you embark on your journey into the Lands of the Endless Queen.”

Five days ago you announced your success and your loss to Antiphon’s rangers. Four days ago a small group of the Godking’s seers, scribes and librarians came to examine your discoveries. Three days ago they left you with the rangers until they return.

With little else to do, you have gazed from the Rampart to the bleak and broken lands once held by Mersené and her consorts. Whatever flora and fauna these lands once held must be bleached and broken as the ever shifting canvas of bones and eddies of lifeless topsoil. The landscape appears unbroken until the Great Mountain standing tall at the northern horizon.

“You will travel there, to the ancient halls of the Dwarf kings. Our seers say there are survivors in the north. The Godking wishes extend his beneficence to those who dwell there. He would also re-establish the Portals between the Great Mountain and Antiopolis. We expect your travels north to be complete within a fortnight and have provided provisions for that amount of time. So you may better serve the Godking, we have provided these gifts. Not the least among them is this beast of burden to carry back such artefacts, trinkets and gifts as may meet with the Godking’s approbation. We are not unmoved by the loss of your companion and have therefore brought you this comrade to assist you in bringing favor upon the protectorate. Make haste, but have no care for your families are subject to our beneficence until your return. Godspeed.”

And with that, you leave the Rampart and step unto the dead soil of the barren wastes of Mersenéa.



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