Ruined Empires

Arrival at Half-Mountain

After the party’s perilous journey from the Shifting Ramparts and their betrayal at the hands of their elven “hosts,” they finally reached the Great Mountain only to find a sheer cliff facing them. Whatever cataclysim happened here brought down half the mountain. High above the party could see stairways and balconies cut into the cliff face. From those balconies stood grim faced dwarves armed with crossbows. Skittering and jumping from stairway to stairway were dwarves riding large mountain goats, whose size contrasted greatly with the nimbleness they traveled up and down the slopes. As the party moved to the base of what was left of the Great Mountain, they were met by three dwarves on their strange goats. “You are to come with us.” one of them barked out in a rough common. The party was led up a narrow staircase cut into the mountain. It zig zagged up the cliff until it ended at a huge set of double stone doors. Dwarves on either side of the doors pulled on large capstans causing the doors to open. The party entered the great hall which was lit by only a few everburning torches. At the end of the hall a large grey bearded dwarf wearing a black iron crown sat on a great stone throne that was hued from the mountain itself. His legs stretched out on what appeared to be some sort of animal hide oversized footstool until it stirred and it became apparent that the footstool was really a large sleeping bear. Next to the dwarven king sat a dwarven woman in a much smaller stone chair. She was dressed in animal hides and wore several necklaces fashioned from the talons and claws are various beasts. “Welcome to Half-Mountain” the king bellowed. “I am King Andor Ironsides.”



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