Ruined Empires

Dreams of a Warforged Nation

At the end of your month long respite, the group is once again gathered together in a large anteroom. Many things have changed since your journey’s beginning, some of the changes more evident than others. Regulas now stands almost twelve feet tall and the ground shakes under his weight when he walks. The table at the center of the room is set with name placards, each indicating where you are to sit. On the table before your spot is a package, each with the notation: “Do not open until instructed.”
Once you take your seats, the doors to the anteroom open, admitting an individual you all know by sight but have never met. Shadessa Eckrock, a beautiful elf-maiden of indeterminate age and surpassing loveliness, such that even the mechanical members of your party note her beauty. But you know her for another reason: She is the second most powerful sorcereress in Antipolis, second only to the GodKing himself, and it is widely known that she is Antiphon’s consort.
“Good evening,” she says with an enigmatic smile…



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