Ruined Empires

The Journey to Half-Mountain

Dearest Babindalia,
I hope this letter finds you well once I finally have time to send it. We are making our way though the wastes on our way to a great dwarven kingdom. We have been traveling a most unusual road. It seems to be some sort of magical cartway. One of our party members, one of those unusual automotons, chiseled out a piece of the metal railway so I doubt anyone will get much use from the road now. We met a strange genie who warned us of a coming darkness. We also stayed the night in an elven city in the forest. The elves did not appreciate your baby recipes, but I am certain it is simply because they have never had baby prepared correctly. I met some splendid gnomes who agreed to mechanize a stuffed beaver I had been finishing up. Unfortuneately, the elves did not end up being so nice. They tried to sacrifice us to some sort of demon as part of some sort of contract they had entered into with the beast. We should arrive at the mountain tommorrow.




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