Kazen "Kaz" Telarish

Gnome Barbarian Rogue (Scout)


Barbarian/Rogue (Scout) (Favored Class)

STR 14 (2)
DEX 14 (2)
CON 16 (3)
INT 13 (1)
WIS 11 (0)
CHA 9 (-1)

HP ?
Initiative +2
AC 17 = 10 + 4 armor + 2 Dexterity modifier + 1 size modifier
Touch 13
Flat-Footed 15
CMB +2/CMD 14

Fortitude 5
Reflex 4
Will 0 (2 vs Illusion)

Acrobatics 6
Appraise 5
Bluff 5
Climb 6
Craft: Weaponsmith 7
Disable Device 9
Knowledge: Dungeoneering 5
Perception 7 (8 to spot Traps)
Sleight of Hand 6
Stealth 6
Swim 6
Use Magic Device 3

Combat Expertise

Armor Expert (Reduce Armor Check Penalty by 1)
Fast Talker (+1 Bluff)

Alternate Racial Trait
Master Tinker (+1 Disable Device, +1 Knowledge: Engineering, Proficient with any weapon I’ve personally forged)

Masterwork Chain Shirt
Masterwork Sawback Greatsword
Gnome Hooked Hammer
Shortbow (40 arrows)
Collapsible Plank
Flint & Steel
50’ Hemp Rope
Masterwork Backpack
(1) Bandage of Rapid Recovery
Explorer’s Outfit (High Quality)
Masterwork Bedroll
One Week’s Rations
Climbing Kit with Silk Rope
Courtier Clothing
(5) Sunrod


Kaz and Zazen Telarish were often confused for brothers rather than the cousins they were. The two spent a great deal of time together exploring nearby caves while growing up. When Zazen left the mountain hold of their clan seeking fortune as a mercenary Kaz stayed behind, reluctant to leave the catacombes he enjoyed exploring. News that Zazen had survived the Wargames reached their clan shortly before by Zazen’s shade began haunting the clan’s tombs. Kaz left for the capital to learn the fate of his cousin.

When Kaz learned that all of the survivors of the Wargames seemed to have disappeared he began to ask questions in earnest. Agents of the Godking quickly apprehended Kaz in an attempt to stave off any more people asking questions with uncomfortable answers. Kaz was told the fate of his cousin and given a choice: take his place on the team exploring the wastes, or spend the rest of his days in a small, albiet comfortable, cell. Kaz chose adventure.

Kazen "Kaz" Telarish

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