Regulas 2.0

N male personality large warforged (augmented living construct) fighter 8


STR 22 (6) Belt of Giant Strength 2
DEX 8 (-1)
CON 16 (3)
INT 12 (1)
WIS 10 (0)
CHA 8 (-1)

HP 98 DR 2/adamantine

Initiative 1

AC 23 = 10 + 10 armor + 5 shield + -1 Dexterity modifier + -1 size
CMB 13 (17 when grappling)/CMD 22 (26 vs grapple)
Spiked Body: Deals 1d6 damage to grappled foes

large battlefist 15/10 melee (3d8+7)
large adamantine armblade 15/10 melee (2d8+7/19-20)
Power Attack
large battlefist 15/8 melee (3d8+10)
large adamantine armblade 15/8 melee (2d8+13/19-20)
large adamantine armblade 15/10 melee (2d8+13/19-20)
Power Attack & Two-Hnaded
large adamantine armblade 15/8 melee (2d8+19/19-20)

Saves Cloak of Resistance +3
Fortitude 12
Reflex 4
Will 5 (7 vs. Fear)

Acrobatics 4
Craft (armorsmithing) 13 (16 repairing warforged)
Perception 5
Profession (soldier) 6
Survival 11

Class Features
Light Fortification
Bravery 2
Armor Training 2
Weapon Training 1 (heavy blades)

Feats (fighter feats)
1st) Adamantine Body
1st) Exotic Weapon Proficiency (bastard sword)
2nd) Catch Off-Guard
3rd) Improved Grapple
4th) Improved Natural Attack (slam)
5th) Spiked Body
6th) Power Attack
7th) Furious Focus
8th Cleave

Adopted (elf): Warrior of Old
Armor Expert

large battlefist
large adamantine armblade
masterwork dagger
masterwork backpack
explorers outfit of high quality
climbing kit with silken rope
courtier clothing
5 sunrods
belt of giant strength 2
cloak of resistance 3
boots of striding and springing
masterwork warforged repair kit
adamantine hammer
masterwork portion belt
potion of repair light damage (x10)
potion of repair moderate damage (x5)
potion of reduce person (x5)
322 gold, 5 silver


Regulas doesn’t talk much, and when he does, it’s succinct. He prefers to let his bastard sword do the talking.

Regulas was created by the Godking as a gift to the prince of the elves for his coming of age. The elves, servants to the Godking, are not allowed to become warriors, but instead are allowed to have warforged as protectors, soldiers and bodyguards. The elven prince did not want his gift, however, and “generously” donated Reguals to the War Games. Regulas, built to be loyal, did as his masters bid.

Regulas 2.0

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