Ruined Empires

At the Gates of the Empire

The WarGames for this cycle has ended, and the God-King Sarpeadon has won the right for his Protectorate to send his Seekers into the Ruined Empire to explore for riches, artifacts, knowledge and power. Reaction across the remaining Protectorates is of rage and disbelief, and many have called foul; pointing to the tragedy of GodKing Ulitmar’s team dying mysteriously just before the contest (causing the substitution of the Orc Rabble) and the overkill triggering of the great wave that slew so many contestants. As the other GodKings howl, Sarpeadon has quickly dispatched his Seekers to the pre-agreed border to begin their exploration.
Not one to remain idle in rage and indignity, the Godking  Antiphon has another scheme in mind. He has found another border to the Ruined Empire that his Seers tell him can be penetrated without alerting the other Protectorates. He has summoned the remainder of the valiant team that survived the WarGames and provided them an opportunity to pass into the Ruined Empire and win riches and glory for themselves and the Protectorate of Antiphon. The secret passage to the Ruined Empire is untested, and whispers of the fickle chaos that crawls across the shattered face of a doomed civilization, but it is a path to the great risks and rewards hidden in the lost realm that could not be attained without waiting for another cycle to pass and another WarGame to be held.
The secret band of explorers equip themselves and are brought to the legendary Shifting Ramparts to unravel it’s mystery and gain passage to the Ruined Empire, using the clues given to them by the Seers of Antiphon.



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