• Kazen "Kaz" Telarish

    Kazen "Kaz" Telarish

    Gnome Barbarian Rogue (Scout)
  • Malthus Incantus

    Malthus Incantus

  • Protok


    A unique creation. As a warforged bodygaurd, Protok was infused with the ability to channel magic in the manner of other mortal sorcerers. However, untried, alien materials were used in his constructions that have had abberant results.
  • Regulas 2.0

    Regulas 2.0

    N male personality large warforged (augmented living construct) fighter 8
  • Scred


    Goblin Alchemist -- As brilliant as he is crude, Scred is as likely to start a party as he is to end it.
  • Sha-zam


    Ain't real bright, but he sho iz purdy . . . and big . . . and strong. AND he can backstab with a maul.
  • Shadessa Eckrock

    Shadessa Eckrock

    Antiphon's consort
  • Simon Sayez

    Simon Sayez

    Tall and willowy, with extremely pale complexion ; thick shock of unruly hair and brown sparkling eyes
  • Tulgan (Deceased)

    Tulgan (Deceased)

    Half-Orc Monk
  • Xavier Stonethresher

    Xavier Stonethresher

    Xavier the friendly Dwarf, . . . if you are on his side. He's an Orc killer, through and through with the knowledge to back it up.
  • Yuri the Trainer

    Yuri the Trainer

    Human Fighter
  • Zazen Telarish (Deceased)

    Zazen Telarish (Deceased)

    Gnome Invulnerable Rager Barbarian